Nora – A World Away

Nora has just joined the songwriting class at school. She’s a real talent, judging by the quality of her singing, playing and songwriting.

This song was recorded as part of a portfolio of submissions by Manu, who did a wonderful job of capturing her voice and performance. Adding the piano track later was quite tough, but it turned out beautifully.


Holly – Reverie


Holly is 17 and still at school. She’s absolutely fearless – got on stage within a month of moving to the UK and sang songs in front of 450 people… and, she’s amazing (and lovely).

We recorded this track in the school studio (orange 203) earlier this year, adding tracks as we went. Holly is on guitar, vocals and claps. I’m on backing vocals, whistling, bass, cabasa and cardboard box (we didn’t have a bass drum).

Holly write this song herself, and I’m always so impressed listening back to it.

Palm – Swear I

Kasra and Eve are the two guitarists in this band who I know from school, with their friends Gerry and Hugo. They’ve been fully enveloped into a New York sound, and are producing great sounding Noise Rock.

This track has some lovely awakenings of lush harmony through the noise, which livens me up a lot. I’d really love to see them live, but I don’t imagine there’s a UK tour happening any time soon, is there?

Find more of their stuff here:


Lizzy was one of the movers and shakers at school, and founded Neon Gold a few years ago with a friend. Maybe the only honest record label owner in the world? I don’t know, but she is great. Lizzy is someone who always seems happy. Someone let her out of the phonebox.

I honestly had no idea she had a voice this good…  I wish she’d been singing in the recording studio back in the day, but I’m not complaining as these records sound great. She and her producer, Max, have created a song which is at once intimate and epic – what a voice, and what a sound!


You should have heard of Baauer. If you haven’t, go to google, type in Baauer, and see what happens. Harry was a student in the DMC class a few years ago. Lovely bloke.

If you have, then here is one of my favourite tracks he has had a hand in. He’s transformed what was a beautiful folk song into something sublime. A haunting vocal gets the track it deserves, with an other worldly, breathy but still bone-shaking bass part, pitch-shifted vocal stabs and a drum part you hardly notice, but listen out, it’s great too.

Downtempo bliss.

Jack and Clement

Jack and Clement.

Well, Jack (the singer) has never been to my school. In fact I’ve never met him. Clement, on the other hand, I know well. ASL Radio superstar, fantastic musician, lovely person too. He was in the DMC class and has carried on making great music since then, including working with Jack, who is a friend through his brothers in the US. 

This song has everything for me, excellent songwriting and fantastic production. There are some unexpected chord movements in there, as well as a rhythmic and sonically interesting bass part.

Great first song to put up here.

Orange 203 says hi

Orange 203 is where I’m going to place the collected music of students I have taught (and probably some I haven’t) over the last ten years.

I’m a music teacher at a school in London, and for the last seven years we have had a recording studio and a High School class in songwriting and production (called DMC – Digital Music Creation).

A lot of this music is really worth listening to, so I’m going to highlight music by current and former students. Orange 203 is the name of our studio here at school.